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It’s a Non-Profit Organisational Project.

MFFION (Moving Forward as a Family, Individual, Organisation and as a Nation) Project and Kate Iroegbu Show TV Broadcast.

To Sponsor the MFFION Project and my Show Television Broadcast

please contact me on kateoiroegbu@gmail.com

Why you should be part of this great vision!

MFFION project will enable us to reach out to you who has been going through a lot, to correct our mistakes and address issues that has kept us behind and the way forward as a family, individual, organisation and as a nation. And support those who have been or going through difficult life situation as a result of the actions taken by ourselves or as a family unit, organisation and as a nation and finally affect not just a nation but could build up to have negative impact on a continent and could result to global issue.

  1. Address several issues that concern humanity; families,the society, organisations and nations like never before.
  2. How to Correct our mistakes and move forward.
  3. Ultimately where your voice will be heard, and also to promote your business and cultural values and believes.

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If you are touched by any one's story on my show and want to support them please do not hesitate to contact us.







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